Nathan Sproul has more than 20 years of experience in the political arena. As the Founder and Managing Director of Lincoln Strategy Group, a global collective of political strategists and public affairs managers, Nathan and his team have effectively lobbied all levels of government to create a real impact. From crisis control to long-term planning, Nathan deploys his vast experience and key relationships to disseminate the right message in the right way – especially when it comes to winning votes.

Nathan Sproul manages the day-to-day operations of Lincoln Strategy Group and serves as the chief public representative of the firm. Under Nathan’s leadership, Lincoln Strategy Group has become a full-service firm that specializes in campaign management, grassroots management, corporate public affairs, and public relations. The firm has a client list of more than 1,000 partners domestically and abroad.

Nathan works tirelessly to provide clients the type of access they need to effect public policy. Under Nathan Sproul’s guidance, Lincoln Strategy Group has created a client list that spans 47 states and four foreign countries. He leads a staff that includes alongside a former Congressional Chief of Staff, several former legislative aides, and a former corporate lobbyist. Nathan has spearheaded national projects with the Republican National Committee and statewide Congressional campaigns. He has also served in senior-level positions for four presidential campaigns, multiple gubernatorial, senatorial, and local campaigns at every level.

Nathan Sproul’s Unique Blueprint for Political Success

Nathan Sproul creates winning approaches that help his clients make the best decisions. To date, Nathan has worked with more than 750 campaign clients while qualifying nearly three hundred candidates and issues for the ballot.

Currently, Nathan is leading Lincoln Strategy Group in the field of best-in-class campaign analytics. The proprietary tool, rightly named Abe, enables 24/7 monitoring of all facets of a campaign or project in real-time. Nathan and his team have developed a customized platform that gives clients immediate knowledge of intelligence from field performance. With the ability to quickly look up talking points, reference maps, relevant telephone numbers, and, of course, all aspects of the data captured by field managers. Nathan’s objective with every project is to offer accessibility at clients’ finger-tips via platforms that can be utilized anywhere in the world.

Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy Group have developed resonant messaging in more than fifteen industries. His firm has deployed nearly forty thousand field workers who have knocked on eleven million doors, delivered more than six-hundred thousand absentee ballot requests, and distributed more than eighty thousand personalized constituent letters.

As a political insider and veteran, Nathan has been quoted in prominent publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. He is often sought out by national news outlets for interviews, opinion, and quotes.

How Nathan Sproul Delivers Results

When it comes to public affairs and government relations, Nathan Sproul provides clients the type of access they need to effect public policy.

Nathan has positioned Lincoln Strategy Group as a player in the media and advertising arenas, providing strategic advice and employing in-house communications specialists who can correspond with journalists and reporters on a client’s particular issue. Whether it’s a crisis or long-term planning, Nathan Sproul brings clients the experience and relationships to get their message out to relevant publications, websites and news outlets. Nathan knows firsthand that television is a critical tool in effective campaign messaging. So, Lincoln Strategy Group is also one-stop-shopping for television campaigns.

Nathan Sproul’s Local Leadership

Nathan’s passion for community drove him to the political arena. He believes he has a responsibility to help clients and communities address their many challenges. He hopes to use his expertise and relationships to make a positive impact in lives around the world.

Nathan Sproul grew up in Tempe, Arizona, one of the American Southwest’s most diverse and dynamic enclaves. Tempe is known as a resourceful and enterprising city whose prime location in the center of the thriving Phoenix metropolitan area has contributed to its success in attracting and keeping dynamic companies within its borders. Tempe is also where Nathan Sproul began to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit and civic-minded political engagement.

From 1999 to 2002, Nathan served as Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party. During his tenure, Nathan Sproul advanced the Party’s commitment to being “the party of the people.” With a focus on building a healthy economy based on free enterprise and sensible business practices, Nathan groomed successful candidates whose campaigns promoted opportunities and prosperity for all Arizonans from every walk of life. Nathan’s much-lauded accomplishments with the state Republican Party set the framework for his career as a sought-after political consultant and strategist.

Before founding Lincoln Strategy Group, Nathan Sproul was the Regional President for Voyager Expanded Learning where he oversaw sales and government relations for the company in Arizona and Nevada. Nathan holds an MBA and resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and three children.