2017 April

Understanding CSR: Not All Corporate Giving Methodologies Are Created Equal

Republished from lincoln-strategy.org.  In different walks of life, the debate continues eternally as to which is more important: quality or quantity. We’ve outlined in recent blog posts the fact that the quantity of philanthropy–both in a corporate and individual sense–is increasing over time. People are giving more time, more money and are more aware and… read more »

Nathan Sproul Celebrates Lincoln Strategy Group’s Participation in Principal for a Day

I’m very proud of Lincoln Strategy Group’s participation in such a worthwhile program.–Nathan Sproul The following is republished from lincoln-strategy.org.  About a decade ago, prior to Dr. Stephanie DeMar’s arrival as principal at Loma Linda Elementary school, the educational institute was rife with problems. Students were skipping school regularly as truancy rates spiked. When students… read more »

2016 Senate Elections, a Recap

Last year, over at NathanSproul.com, I wrote a series on “Senate Races to Watch.” Now that the elections are way behind us, I offer a recap of who won. Ohio Nathan Sproul – Senate Race To Watch in Ohio from Nathan Sproul on Vimeo. The winner: Rob Portman Nevada Nathan Sproul – Senate Race To Watch in… read more »