Articles by Nathan Sproul

Advice for Emerging Philanthropists

So you want to give back to your community, to support great causes in an effort to make a small difference in the world? Yes. Me too. If you have dreams of becoming a large-scale philanthropist (or you hope to, in any way, put your money behind your convictions and concerns), it might be harder… read more »

What Is a Grassroots Campaign?

If you look up the definition for grassroots, you’ll  find anything alluding to the concept of “made for and by common citizens.” A grassroots campaign is no different. Here are the three objectives in this type of campaign. Choose a Goal Does the organization want to elect an official? Do you want to target a… read more »

Presidential Politics 101

During an election year, the word “politics” gets bandied about a lot. It’s always helpful to take a step back to assess what, exactly, we mean when we use the word. From the political parties to the election itself (and, of course, the day to day running of government), here’s a quick guide to presidential… read more »


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